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Join the NOMIX Longevity Quest and invest in your healthspan by providing your personal omics and biomarker data. Receive personalized AI-powered longevity recommendations, optimize your well-being,  and earn NOMIX Tokens!

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Your individual personal omics & biomarker data will be used to train AI algorithms creating longevity recommendations, developing predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory 4-P medicine.


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The biggest goal of NOMIX CEO Michael Reuter is to live to stay healthy and fit until he is 125 years old. If you share this interest, join the NOMIX longevity movement by providing your personal omics and biomarker data to AI-powered longevity algorithms research and development! of products that help to optimize your healthspan! NOMIX uses state-of-the-art Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and privacy-preserving  technologies to ensure your data is safe and you are the only person who decides what will be done witrh your data, and by whom. Providing your biodata is the best investment in your healthspan ever!

Featured technology

NOMIX leverages AI, Blockchain, and Identity technologies that allow you to provide your personal omics and biomarker data in a safe and convenient way. You receive your NOMIX OM and Token rewards in the BIOCLOCK app which you can also use to have an eye on your personal assistant, the Autonomous Agent that does all the work on your behalf!


Within the BIOCLOCK app, you receive NOMIX OMs for providing your biodata for creating longevity algorithms, scientific research, and product development. You can set up your data preferences that will be used by your personal AI-powered Autonomous Agent who does all the communication on your behalf.

Autonomous Agents

Your personal assistants in all health and longevity-related questions Your AI-powered Autonomous Agent takes care of the secure management of your biodata and does all the search, exchange, communication, and negotiation work on your behalf.


You invest in your healthspan when swapping your NOMIX OMs with NOMIX Reward Tokens and turning them into personal financial benefits by either using them as a discount in the NOMIX ecosystem or trading them in a crypto exchange. That’s how you can make a living from your investment in your health.

The Great Longevity Misconception

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The Positive Health Impacts of Deep Breathing

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Molecular Biologist Nicklas Brendborg Joins NOMIX As Advisor

We are happy to announce that Molecular Biologist Nicklas Brendborg, University of Copenhagen, has joined NOMIX as Medical Scientific Advisor! Nicklas will support the team in building longevity algorithms used by the BIOCLOCK app, based on CODIS, the Collective...


“My partner pointed me to NOMIX after I could not explain these strange headaches I got every 3 weeks or so. Since I didn’t know where to start, what to tell my doctor, beside the symptoms, I started to provide my biodata to NOMIX. I’m sure that I’m not the only woman of my age and lifestyle experiencing these headaches. The data will give me a certainty.”

Andrea Maucher

“I heard and read a lot about aging and all sorts of methods to stay young. Over time I’ve tried to figure out what works for me. Today, I’m contributing my health data to NOMIX because I benefit by focusing on the relevant aspects of wellbeing and because I want others to learn what they personally can do to optimise their health spans.”

Kira Nezu