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Earn OM Rewards & get NOMIX Longevity Tokens!


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For contributing your personal omics, and biomarker data and participating in scientific studies using the BIOCOACH app, you’ll earn OMs, the reward points of NOMIX. After that, you can convert your OMs into NOMIX Tokens on the NOMIX blockchain, by using the wallet function of your BIOCOACH app. NOMIX Tokens can be used as a discount within the NOMIX ecosystem and will be tradeable in crypto exchanges.


In the BIOCOACH app, you can contribute your personal omics and biomarker data to the CODIS database. CODIS stands for COllective Digital Immune System which you help to build and which is the foundation of the NOMIX Longevity movement. Scientific research institutes and healthcare companies will use CODIS for their research and the development of longevity products and 4P-Medicine.


As soon as you start contributing your personal omics and biomarker data to CODIS, you’ll earn OMs as a reward. You can contribute generally, and to specific scientific and healthcare-related projects. The more biodata you provide and the more frequently you contribute your biodata, the more extensive and complete CODIS becomes, and the better the NOMIX Longevity movement achieves its goal: a maximized healthspan.


You can swap your OMs with NOMIX tokens NOMIX tokens are digital assets on the NOMIX blockchain, serving as a reward in the NOMIX ecosystem. Scientific institutes and healthcare companies will pay you with NOMIX tokens for providing your biodata that enables them to run a computation on your data. Your data will not be shared, but only provided for analytics and machine learning in a secure, privacy-preserving way.