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Your Personal Assistant


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autonomous agents

A NOMIX Autonomous Agent is software that comes with the BIOCLOCK app and lives on your phone. You can regard it as your personal assistant since it does work on your behalf. It matches requests for computation with your biodata while taking care of your privacy – it ensures that your data isn’t shared outside of your phone but only allows for computation.

Search & discovery

NOMIX Autonomous Agents search the CODIS database for biodata required for scientific research and the development of longevity products and 4P-Medicine. Trained by AI algorithms, NOMIX Autonomous Agents can discover contexts, such as specific biodata that are connected to a specific behavior or health symptoms.


NOMIX Autonomous Agents notify you as an individual about computational requests for your biodata. They will tell you who wants to compute your data, to what extent, and to which purpose. They invite you to participate in scientific studies. They’ll also inform the requesting party about your decision to participate (or not).


While communicating, your NOMIX Autonomous Agent ensures your privacy regarding all data management. It monitors the communication and cuts off the connection between you and a third party as soon as it is not needed anymore. You can rely on your NOMIX Autonomous Agent and let her do all the work on your behalf!