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In the BIOCOACH app, you can contribute your personal omics and biomarker data to the CODIS database. CODIS stands for COllective Digital Immune System which you help to build as the foundation of the NOMIX Longevity movement. Scientific research institutes and healthcare companies use CODIS as the go-to-database for longevity studies, personalized longevity recommemdations, more efficient drug research, and the development of longevity products.

health diagnostics & Blood Samples

As soon as you use a fitness tracker, a smartwatch, an Oura ring, in-ear headphones, or any other DIY health diagnostic device, you can provide your collected personal omics and biomarker data to CODIS by simply connecting your device to the BIOCOACH App.

Search & discovery

NOMIX Autonomous IA Agents search the CODIS database for biodata required for scientific research and the development of longevity products and 4P-medicine. Trained by AI algorithms, NOMIX AI Agents can discover contexts, such as specific biodata that are connected to a specific behavior or health symptoms, and develop individualised longevity recommendations.


Your first and obvious benefit lies in using  CODIS as a Collective Digital Immune System by extracting personalized health and longevity recommendations. You’ll learn how to adapt your lifestyle, what diet to choose, which exercise is best and how you train your organism’s adversity capabilities to optimize your healthspan. These recommemdations are brought to you by your personal BIOCOACH.


Today, medicine is universal, reactive, and attention level plays an oversized part in patient outcomes. This  “whack-a-mole” approach can be significantly improved: Predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory medication can become data-driven, proactive, and highly reliable. This approach needs biodata – the more, the better. CODIS is the foundation of a 4P-approach in scientific research and the development of longevity products.

NOMIX movement

Best results in longevity research and product development will be achieved by leveraging the wealth of personal omics and biomarker data provided in CODIS. Only by making use of individual biodata, a truly 4P-Medicine becomes reality. CODIS needs your biodata, the sophisticated data-rich pictures of yourselves! By joining the NOMIX Longevity movement you contribute your share to the overall goal of maximizing our healthspans.


While communicating, your NOMIX AI Agent ensures your privacy regarding all data management. It monitors the communication and cuts-off the connection between you and a third party via CODIS as soon as it is not needed anymore. You can rely on your NOMIX AI Agent and let her do all the work on your behalf!