AI-Based Longevity


lower your bio age using the BIOCOACH app. provide your biodata and earn NOMIX tokens from investing in your health. Benefit from AI-based longevity recommendations and maximize your healthspan.


We use decentralized artificial intelligence to build a framework for applications to search, discover, and compute personal omics and biomarker data. By leveraging machine learning, advanced cryptography, and Autonomous AI Agents based on a privacy-preserving identity infrastructure, our blockchain-mediated collective learning system enables individuals and multiple stakeholders in the health sector to build a shared machine learning model without needing to rely on a central authority, and without revealing any datasets to other stakeholders.

The NOMIX team consists of experts in the fields of AI and Web3 technologies, cryptography, bioinformatics, and bioengineering. Our work is based on the core principles of eco-responsibility, sustainability, transparency, regulatory compliance, scalability, and reliability. 

“I want to live to be 125 while staying active and healthy. by providing my health data to nomix i optimize my healthspan and contribute my share to the pursuit of longevity. “

We create CODIS, the COllective Digital Immune System for Longevity, by combining distributed sensor sequencing and applied tools of computation and analysis to capture and interprete personal comics and biomarker data of NOMIX users.

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Privacy-Preserving Data Management

Personalized AI-based Longevity Recommendations

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individual People. individual biodata.

Of the 8 billion people worldwide no one is like the other, every organism is different, and every person is unique. People want to be treated as individuals, not as part of a specific cohort. The concept of individualism applies to all areas of life, and especially to health: our genetic predispositions and our epigenetic lifestyles require a personalized approach to all health matters. That’s why your NOMIX contribution is so valuable for humanity: it not only benefits you, the individual but your family and friends, and all human beings on this planet.

“My partner pointed me to NOMIX after I could not explain these strange headaches I got every 3 weeks or so. Since I didn’t know where to start, what to tell my doctor, beside the symptoms, I started to provide my biodata to NOMIX. I’m sure that I’m not the only woman of my age and lifestyle experiencing these headaches. The data will give me a certainty. “

Andrea Maucher

“I heard and read a lot about aging and all sorts of methods to stay young. Over time I’ve figured out what works for me. Today, I’m contributing my health data to NOMIX because I benefit by focusing on the relevant aspects of wellbeing and because I want others to learn what they personally can do to optimise their health spans.”

Kira Nezu

“Before a friend suffered a serious illness, I wasn’t worried about my lifestyle. This event triggered something in me, and I did my own research. The result: cold showers, responsible breathing and good nutrition are my new lifestyle pillars. Will I reach an age of 120 years? Hopefully! In the meantime I’ll join the NOMIX Longevity movement.“

Philipp Kothe

what IS codis?

CODIS, the COllective Digital Immune System, is the decentralized database of the NOMIX Longevity movement. It consists of personal omics and biomarker data of NOMIX users who provide their biodata for research by scientific research institutes and the development of longevity products by companies in the healthcare industry.

Simplified, a weakening immune system accelerates the aging process. Based on its wealth of data, CODIS will allow for enhanced research, personalized longevity recommendations, and the optimized development of longevity products and 4P-medicine.

What is a NOMIX OM?

A NOMIX OM is the reward unit individual NOMIX users receive for providing their personal omics and biomarker data to research and development. OMs are collected in the BIOCOACH app. OMs can be swapped with NOMIX Tokens which, for their part, can be used as a means of discount in the NOMIX ecosystem.

what is a NOMIX Token?

A NOMIX Token is a digital asset on the NOMIX blockchain that can be used as a means of discount in the NOMIX ecosystem. Users can get NOMIX tokens by converting their OMs making use of the BIOCOACH app wallet functionality, or – at a later date – by purchasing them on crypto exchanges.

what is an aUtonomous AI agent?

A NOMIX Autonomous AI Agent is software that comes with the BIOCOACH app and takes care of the data management on behalf of its owner, the individual. It also ensures that no sensitive data will be shared but only provided for computation.

what does a nomix membership cost?

For individuals, the NOMIX membership is free. For scientific research institutes and private companies in the healthcare industry, there are paid membership plans in place.

what are my benefits as a nomix member?

As a NOMIX member you benefit from several advantages:

First, you receive personalized AI-based longevity recommendations based on your personal omics and biomarker data. This helps to maiximze your healthspan, to live longer while staying fit and healthy.

Second, you earn OMs for providing your biodata. You can swap your OMs for NOMIX tokens and use them as a discount in the NOMIX ecosystem, and trade them on crypto exchanges.

who is the team behind nomix?

The origins of the NOMIX team lie in Datarella and

Datarella is a Web3 technology company with sites in Munich and Berlin (Germany), Cambridge (UK), Gdansk (Poland), and Skopje (North Macedonia), providing blockchain, AI, and privacy-preserving identity solutions., with offices in Cambridge (UK), Berlin (Germany), Austin (TX, USA), and Detroit (USA), provides Artificial Intelligence for blockchains, with a focus on Autonomous Agents and Collaborative Learning.

CEO: Michael Reuter
CTO: Rebecca L. Johnson
CPO: Kira Nezu
CFO: Yukitaka Nezu

what is the roadmap of nomix?

You can find the roadmap of NOMIX in the NOMIX Litepaper.