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Get yourself a BIOCOACH and have our medical experts guide you to optimize your personal performance and your healthspan! Your personal BIOCOACH medical experts advise you on optimal nutrition and recommend lifestyle adjustments and your individual supplement intake.

BIOCOACH Subscription

BIOCOACH is the NOMIX longevity subscription service with a minimum duration of 6 months. For optimal longevity results, we recommend subscribing for 12, or 18 months.

personal omics & biomarker data


How active are you throughout the day? Here, it’s mainly about your cardio fitness:

– Various workouts
– Steps
– Walking/running distances
– Standing time

Body measurements

Quantify yourself! Know your body measurements:

– Height & Weight
– Body Mass Index
– Body Fat
– Body temperature

Cycle tracking

Learn how aspects of your cycle can influence your fitness, emotions and efficiency.

– Cycle duration
– Intensity
– Mood
– Physical Wellbeing


Understanding your heart and  how to maintain a good cardio fitness:

– (Resting / Walking) Heart Rate
– Heart Rate Variability
– Sinus Rhythm
– Cardio Fitness


Achieving a state of active, open attention on the present is essential to stay focused:

– Mindful Minutes
– Meditation
– Mindful Eating
– Mindful Walking


You are what you eat, but also how much and how often you eat! Here, it’s about:

– Diet
– (Intermittent) Fasting
– Fats & Carbohydrates
– Supplements


Balanced breathing is essential for your wellbeing. Here, it’s about:

– Blood Oxygen
– (Peak) Respiratory (Flow) Rate
– Inhale Usage
– Breathwork


Getting a good night’s sleep is the basis for your wellbeing and focus on the next day:

– Average time in bed
– Average Time asleep
– Awake Time
– Sleep Phases


Here we collect other personal omics and biomarker data, such as:

– Blood Glucose
– Body Temperature
– Blood Pressure
– Blood NAD Level


“My partner pointed me to NOMIX after I could not explain these strange headaches I got every 3 weeks or so. Since I didn’t know where to start, what to tell my doctor, beside the symptoms, I started to provide my biodata to NOMIX. I’m sure that I’m not the only woman of my age and lifestyle experiencing these headaches. The data will give me a certainty.”

Andrea Maucher

“I heard and read a lot about aging and all sorts of methods to stay young. Over time I’ve tried to figure out what works for me. Today, I’m contributing my health data to NOMIX because I benefit by focusing on the relevant aspects of wellbeing and because I want others to learn what they personally can do to optimise their health spans.”

Kira Nezu