Why We Age, And Why We Don’t Have To


January 13, 2022

An interview by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman with David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and an expert researcher in the field of longevity.

In this podcast episode, Andrew Huberman and David Sinclair discuss the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and what we all can do to slow or reverse the aging process. They discuss (intermittent) fasting and supplementation with Resveratrol, Metformin, and NMN.

They also discuss the use of caffeine, exercise, cold exposure, along with food choices for offsetting aging and promoting autophagy, the process of clearing the organism of dead cells. And they discuss the key blood markers everyone should monitor to determine their biological versus chronological age.

It rarely happens that top scientists talk in easily understandable words and provide such a wealth of useful advice. We therefore strongly recommend listening to or even watching this podcast episode – these two hours might belong to the best investment of your valuable time, ever! Since – who does not want to stop aging?!



Curcumin as Anti-Aging Factor

Curcumin as Anti-Aging Factor

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