We are NOMIX


September 30, 2021

Hello – this is NOMIX! We‘re building the Collective Digital Immune System CODIS for Longevity!

We use decentralized artificial intelligence to build a framework for applications to search, discover, and compute on personal omics and biomarker data. By leveraging machine learning, advanced cryptography, and autonomous agents based on a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) infrastructure, our blockchain-mediated collective learning system enables individuals and multiple stakeholders in the health sector to build a shared machine learning model without needing to rely on a central authority, and without revealing any datasets to other stakeholders.

The NOMIX team consists of curious experts in the fields of AI/ML, blockchain technology, cryptography, bioinformatics, bioengineering and company building. Our work is based on the core principles of eco-responsibility, sustainability, transparency, regulatory compliance, scalability, and reliability.


The Great Longevity Misconception

The Great Longevity Misconception

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